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Mountable VS Non-Mountable by AcidConfetti Mountable VS Non-Mountable by AcidConfetti
This bugs the shit out of me, really it does. People advertising a pelt being mountable when it's not. The tan has nothing to do whether or not something is mountable, it has to do with the skinning prep. If you start out with a shitty skin, you will get a shitty mount. Same goes with forms, so spend that few extra dollars and get a nice form. ;3

So buyers/sellers, here's a few simple guidelines if you don't know you can look at the face and tell right away.

1. Eye holes are not enlarged - Enlarged eyes are when special care isn't taken around the eyes while skinning. With the eyes enlarged they're no doubt missing value skin around the eyes like eyelashes and the eyelid skin. If you cut that off your eye just transitions from eye to fur, when it should be eye, eyelid, eyelashes, fur. Chances are there's no eye skin to tuck if enlarged. Though a pelt has perfect eyes, doesn't necessarily mean it's meant for mounting.

2. Has lower jaw - A huge must, replacing or making one out of rabbit fur 9 times out of 10 it looks like crap.

3. Nose cartilage is out - Nose will be very flat-like when it's out. Cartilage can be taken out after tanning but it's more work and the skin doesn't stretch as nicely.

4. Turned lips - Not always a must but is much preferred cause you can't always tell from photos if you would have enough lip to split and tuck. Can never have too much lip skin.

So there you have it, I hope it's helpful. :) But there's how to tell in 4 easy steps just by a quick look at the face, so people don't falsely advertise or buy under false impressions. I'll expand on this at a later date, explaining more of the split eye membrane and ear butts, I'm going to be busy for two weeks straight.

By the way, these are coyotes, taken for population control.
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